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December 09, 2009  |  Posted by Danielle Belton

Here are some of the other big stories surrounding the prison at Guantanamo Bay this week:

A Federal grand jury in New York is now hearing evidence related to five accused 9/11 attackers currently residing in Gitmo. According to a report by NBC New York, the Department of Justice is "moving forward in seeking an indictment against self-proclaimed 9-11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and four other terror suspects." This is a great step in finally getting justice for those victims of 9/11. As far as we're concerned these trials can't happen soon enough. It's only been eight years coming. (NBC New York, AFP)

Everyday the creation of a detainee prison in Illinois becomes more and more a reality. While some Illinois Republicans, like Republican Rep. Mark Kirk, went the hyperbolic route in predicting doom and gloom for the prison in Thomson, a majority of Illinois politicans and citizens have come out in favor of the prison being purchased by the government. Now that Kirk has piped down, wanting a "disppasionate" debate, those trying to close the prison at Guantanamo can get to business discussing the details of any Thomson purchase. (Washington Post, Washington Independent, Chicago Tribune)

The Young Turks also discussed the detainee death mystery. Watch the video below.

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